Thursday, January 14, 2016

365 Challenge Block 5 Nine Patch

Over 11,000 quilters around the world have taken on the 365 Challenge The Ultimate Sampler.   Learn more about this beautiful quilt designed by Kathy Kerr from North Rockhampton, QLD, Australia at

This little Nine Patch block has nesting seams.  Nesting seams are created by pressing seams together in opposite directions.

I cut the A B A strips 1 1/2" x 4" and the B A B strips
1 1/2" x 2".  I always like to add a bit of fudge room when I can.

Sew the strips together and press seams to A - the dark strips.

Sub-cut into 1 1/2" strip sets.

Sew an ABA unit to a BAB unit making sure to nest those seams.  Sew the remaining ABA unit to the bottom of the BAB unit.  Press seams to the ABA units.

A lovely little Nine Patch!

  In the last post I talked about washing, drying, starching and pressing fabrics.  This is my favourite iron.  It's a dry iron.  Notice how there are no holes in the sole plate?   When pressing your fabrics and blocks there is no distortion in the fabric and no holes for your patchwork to get mangled in. 

 Best Press doesn't stick to it and if you have an unfortunate accident with fusible web or if anything else gets stuck to it you can clean it with Vim Cream (no bleach) but only when the iron is cold.

If you would like to add this lovely dry iron to your quilting tools you can contact me at

Happy Stitches,
: ) Shelley

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