Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Dickie

Last week my niece Lauren asked me if I could make her a dickie.  Not really knowing what I was getting myself into I of course said yes. The night before I made the new dickie we got together so Lauren could choose the fabrics and buttons she would like.  Then Lauren gave me a hand with the baby quilt that I'm making for our soon to be born grandson. 
 After a bit Lauren, a new sewer, decided to design some tail bags for her horse me his name suits him.  Lauren chose her fabric and after a brief introduction to rotary cutting she cut them to size.  After a brief introduction to Roxanne's glue, she glued the fabric...Brenda doesn't this make your heart sing? 

Then she made her bags.
 The following day I created a pattern and we designed her new dickie together.  Here's me stitching the buttons on while Lauren chanted "I'm so excited".
Here's Lauren looking fabulous in her new dickie and blazer.  Ready for the horse show.

The horse show was held in Langley.  It was the first one I have had the opportunity to attend. 
Lauren enjoying a pita from Pita Pit.

We stopped by to visit with Gonzo.  He proved to be very entertaining.   
Lauren and her friend doing some last minute adjustments. 

Elke giving Gonzo some love. 
Outside of the arena Lauren and Gonzo posed for me.  Gonzo knew I loved that tongue trick of his...

It was a wonderful show.  Lauren and Gonzo are an amazing team.
Happy Sewing

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