Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Classes at The Cabin Update

We have been quite busy here in our neck of the woods.  Below is an update for our summer classes.   We have added new days as the classes are filling up.  All previous dates and classes are a go.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to our neck of the woods.
Day Retreats and Classes are continuing through the summer.   The Cabin classroom remains nice and cool during the hot summer days.  Day classes from 10:30am -4:30pm include cinnamon buns, coffee, tea, juice and lunch.  In most of our classes you will have the benefit of two instructors, one to help you with the project or technique and the other to help with your sewing machine.  This provides for more one on one attention and ensures the class flows smoothly.  Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and teach you how to get the best result out of your sewing machine.

1.  Day Retreats  - New Dates
We have lots of space in the classroom and studio for cutting, pressing, basting and more.  There is a table set up for rotary cutting including two large mats 23” x 35”.  There are also several smaller mats, 45mm rotary cutters and rulers of various sizes available for you to use.  We have one large and two small pressing stations set up including irons.  We have food here in the morning including cinnamon buns, fruit, coffee and tea.  For lunch we will have sandwiches and snacks.  For dinner Bernie will fix us something special.  You are welcome to bring soft drinks or any other food or drink you would like.  Please remember to bring your sewing machine, cord, foot control and presser feet.  If you are working on a special project you will need to bring any needles, thread, basic sewing supplies, fabrics, etc., necessary to complete your project.  If you forget something I’m sure I will have it here in the studio, in a pinch Wineberry Fabrics is only 15 minutes away.  We would love to see what you are working on and any finished projects you would like to share with us.  Class space for the Day Retreat is limited to six people for your comfort. 
9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday, August 4th
Wednesday, August 22nd

Please note:  If your focus is on embroidery we have sturdy tables that will support your machine and do not shake while embroidering.  We have a solid base of knowledge regarding sewing machines, embroidery modules, software, stabilizers, threads and designs.  Join us for a fun day of creativity. 

The KeyStone Series
Our KeyStone classes have been well received.  We have added new classes for the summer.

2.  KeyStone Hand Appliqué
In a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere learn the age old tradition of hand appliqué.  Learn how to layer, master inner and outer points create perfect circles and how to achieve a tiny, blind hand appliqué stitch.  A kit, including background, appliqué fabrics and tools of the trade, will be provided for you.  
$50.00 includes kit and lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday, July 11th
Supply list.

3.  It’s All About the Stitch – New Date
In this class you will sew with a variety of threads, needles and fabrics in order to gain a thorough understanding of their characteristics.   Learn how the combination of needle and thread can make the difference on any fabric.  We will discuss your sewing machines’ personality and shine a light on the black art of tension, all in a fun and informative way.  This is a great class for beginner to advanced sewers.  Any brand of sewing machine is welcome.  In order to standardize, a kit with thread, needles and fabrics will be provided.
$60.00 includes kit and lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday, September 1st
Sewing machine.  Supply list

4.  KeyStone Free-motion Fun-Damentals
In a relaxed atmosphere learn the fundamentals of free-motion quilting including which free-motion foot works best for your sewing machine.  We will give you hints and tips to help you understand your sewing machine and its tension.   We will discuss thread, needle, fabric and batting combinations that work well together for quilting success.  In addition you will learn some tricks of the trade and how to properly handle the quilt while guiding the fabric under the needle.  Join us and build both your confidence and your skills. 
$45.00 includes lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm
Monday, July 23rd
Sewing machine.  Supply list

5.  KeyStone Rotary Cutting and Machine Piecing Tutorial
Learn the basics of accurate rotary cutting, machine piecing and proper pressing in this class designed for the beginner quilter and the intermediate quilter who would like to enhance skills.  We will begin with cutting, piecing and pressing strips of fabric and find that perfect ¼” seam allowance on your sewing machine.  Later we will explore cutting squares, triangles and rectangles.  You will learn how to strip piece, press, sub-cut and sew together straight of grain squares and bias squares accurately.   This class is a must when it comes to mastering accurate cutting, pressing and piecing techniques.
$45.00 includes lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm 
 Monday, July 9th                                                                             
Sewing machine.  Supply list.  Rotary cutting equipment.

6.  KeyStone Machine Appliqué
Machine appliqué can be used on a quilt top, for home decor or for jazzing up clothing.  Learn how to select the right fusible web for the pattern, what thread, needle and stitch to use for machine appliqué.   Learn about an overlay, how to prepare the background and appliqué fabric, how to trace the shapes onto fusible web, how to arrange and fuse the shapes onto the background fabric, how to stitch around the shapes and much more.  A kit and pattern will be provided.
$50.00 includes lunch and kit
10:30am – 4:30pm
Monday, August 13th
Sewing machine.  Supply list.

7.  KeyStone Serger Savvy
If you’re tired of looking at your serger just sitting in the box or gathering dust on your sewing table join us for an informative 6 hour serger class.  Everything from trouble shooting to techniques.
$55.00 includes fabric kit and lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday, July 4th
Monday, August 20th
Serger.  Supply list.

8.  KeyStone Machine Quilting Fun-Damentals
Quilting your quilt can be a bit scary.  If you have said to yourself “I’m afraid I’ll ruin it” this class is for you.  In a relaxed environment we will teach you how to create the best straight stitch possible on your sewing machine and we will help you gain a better understanding of the black art of tension.  You will learn about your walking foot and stitching in the ditch.   From there you will learn how easy it is to mark your quilt for hanging diamonds, cross-hatching and more, without leaving unsightly marking lines behind.   You will also learn how to audition quilting lines on your quilt before marking.  We will discuss thread, needle, fabric and batting combinations and show you why the right combination will give you success with your quilting.  
$45.00 includes lunch
10:30am – 4:30pm
Monday, July 16th
Sewing machine.  Supply list.

9.  Autumn Splendour – New Date
After many requests we have scheduled a 2 day class for Autumn Splendour, the TopStitchers project from last year.  Techniques you will learn while creating this lovely bag includes precision piecing, couching, corded pin-tucking, stitching with decorative threads, sewing beads on by machine, how to create an easy welt zippered pocket and much more.  This project will be pre-cut and kitted for your convenience so all the class time will be spent learning new techniques.
$125.00 includes lunch, kit and pattern.                                               
10:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday, September 22nd and 29th
Sewing machine.  Supply list.
Please Note:  If you have a colourway that you would prefer please let me know.

Modern Pineapple – New Class
This quilt is created with foundation pieced blocks.  Learn the secrets of successful foundation piecing while creating this beautiful wall hanging. 
$55.00 includes lunch, pattern and printed foundation blocks.
10:30am – 4:30pm
Monday, August 6th
Sewing machine.  Supply list.

Group Retreats
If you have a group that would like to get together for a retreat at The Cabin give us a call and book a day. 

If you would like to register for any of our Day Retreats or Classes please email me at or call me at (604)506-0241.  

Happy Stitches,
Shelley and Bernie

Please Note:
1.  If you are unable to attend a retreat or class that you have registered for please give me a call or email me 10 days prior the start of the class.  I will be happy to issue you a credit towards or transfer you to another class.  If I have less than 10 days notice, class notes and kits will be here for you. 
2.  A supply list for retreats and classes will be sent to you upon registration.  Please check the supply list for homework and preparation prior to class. 
3.  As some people are allergic to perfume we would kindly ask you to avoid wearing any to The Cabin.  Thank you in advance.